Our Story

NasalAid was started by my dad for his severe sleep apnea. Every night he would snore really loud and there would be parts where he would stop breathing and then gasp for air. For years he did this and it worried my mom. She nudged him to go see a doctor but he refused. He was known as well for constantly falling asleep during the day. As an onlooker I could see that there was a serious problem with his sleep. We would go on family trips and it was startling at how violent his sleep seemed. One day after a serious crash, completely totaling our family van, from falling asleep at the wheel that is...he decided to go see a doctor. The doctor then diagnosed him with severe sleep apnea and he was issued a CPAP. He tried to use the CPAP but it made him feel very claustrophobic. He just hated the cumbersome machine and mask and decided to seek out alternatives. After not finding complete relief from drug store solutions, being an engineer, he decided to make his own device that would keep his nose open. That is how NasalAid was created. In the years since we have developed the design so that is more comfortable and have shared it with thousands of doctors. It is now recommended in hospitals and clinics in over 30 countries. NasalAid was designed as a simple solution to keeping your nose open for better sleep, and a better next day.

Nasal Aid helps you breathe better at night







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