Photo of Dr. William Dement and Michelle Lovato at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Meeting 2019

Welcome to My Sleep Blog

My name is Michelle Lovato and I have been in the sleep industry since 2014. A couple of things drew me to the field of sleep. The first was watching my dad struggle with sleep apnea. Then it was the realization that how we breathe while we sleep has a huge impact on our entire physiology and biology, starting in infancy. I was lucky enough to be from the Bay Area and only 15 minutes from the Stanford Sleep Clinic, where the field began. The team there were great resources when I just had a prototype at making sure my work was always aligned with clinical research. In the past 8 years I've collaborated with individuals and organizations from all areas of Sleep. I want to share the knowledge that I've gained along the way. Email me your questions you would like to see answered regarding sleep to I will also be interviewing top doctors and professionals in the field of sleep. Thanks for reading!
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