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The #1 Doctor Recommended Nasal Dilator. NasalAid improves Nasal Breathing without Sprays or Sticky Strips. One Size Fits All and Reusable for up to 1 Year.


"NasalAid is for the snorers, the mouth breathers, and anyone who’s a little stuffed up." Featured in Goop's Better Sleep Plan

"Mute dilates the nasal passage improving airflow and reducing collapse of the pharynx. A similar device that I prefer is called "Nasalaid" and is available on line for a list price of $20. It is adjustable to your nose and desired degree of dilation and unlike Mute which has limited time of use can be good for up to a year. My patients seem to prefer how it feels as well." Founder, California Center for Sleep Disorders

Dr. Jerrold Kram

How Does NasalAid Compare To Other "Snoring" Products?

NasalAid is the only device that can be precisely fit to your nose based on your level of nasal congestion.

You can get 365 nights of usage with NasalAid as opposed to 1 night with most snoring products.

We are the only device that uses spring technology to gently improve nasal airflow.

We do not use adhesives in our product like nasal strips.

You also do not need to buy multiple sizes because NasalAid can be customized to any adult sized nose.

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Adjustable Dilation Depending on Your Daily Congestion Levels

How To Adjust The NasalAid